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Inpro/Seal variations for turbines

Inpro/Seal uses high temperature Aflas o-rings on applications up to 400°F. Aflas is a fluorocarbon compound (like Viton) but with better resistance to steam than Viton. For higher temperatures to 750°F, graphite packing and set screws are used.

Turbine isolators can also be split design but requires more room axially along the shaft. Spacing available needs to be identified.

Hi-temp sealant shipped with every turbine seal to be used between housing & stator OD.
December 2009

Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators

Technology Support offers the Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator as a solution to water contamination in turbine lube oil. It is a serious concern for operations and maintenance personnel. Journal bearings are somewhat tolerant of this condition, but the thrust bearings and trip components on the governor end are vulnerable to even slight water content in the lubricant.

Now, water content in the lube oil can be kept to an absolute minimum by installing Inpro/SealŪ Bearing Isolators into the bearing cases in place of the flow-through labyrinth baffles.

Inpro/SealŪ Bearing Isolators are available for immediate shipment for all Elliott, Terry, Turbodyne/Dresser Rand, and other single stage mechanical drive turbines. They will probably cost you less than the OEM parts, and perform much more efficiently. For new turbines and for all field repairs, specify Inpro/SealŪ Bearing Isolators. The only thing you have to lose is the water in your lube oil.

Typical Turbine Isolator Profile

Inpro/Seal has seals surveyed for the following brand & model turbines:

   Elliot         Terry       Worthington Turbodyne  
  • 24ZSA-1
  • GAF-Z
  • SST 120-280
  • SST 500-WK
  • 24ZA-A
  • Z4
  • SST 200-280
  • R2R
  • 18ZS1
  • ES
  • SST300
  • S2R
  • ZATS
  • SST 500-700
  • U2R

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